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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pink is not manly for a knife lanyard but good for a key fob

I was asked by a customer awhile back to get some pink 550 paracord (parachute cord). Yeah I know, pink is not a manly color and wouldn't be good for one of my knife lanyards but it's not so bad for a key fob. And I've sold a few of these pink, key fobs already. In the picture I have a pink and turquoise, a pink and navy blue, a pink and red, and a pink and kelly green. They are each about 5 1/2" long with a white, wood bead and a split ring. You can see more pictures and a description of each at my Etsy shop - devilchasnme.


Shamr0ck said...

Good morning ~

I'm working with a local boy scout troop on their knotting skills and in addition to the traditional functional knots, lashings, and whippings am also sprinkling some fun projects into the schedule.

I pointed the Senior Patrol Leader to your Blog and StormDrane's so that he could build a list of projects he'd like the troop to do and he really liked the snake knot lanyard you show in this post.

I'll post pics of their completed projects once they are done ~ but wanted to ask where you get the beads you place on your lanyards. Many of my past projects are bead free so i haven't developed a source for these.

I see plain wood beads at WalMart (3 shades of brown) and JoAnn's has colored wood beads but they appear larger than I need. Any help you could send along is greatly appreciated.


devilchasnme said...

The beads from Walmart will work for you (don't know about JoAnn's). Large-hole beads are hard to find - you need an opening of 5mm or 3/16" to push through 2 strands of paracord.

CrwDogNewbie said...

I love your site with all these cool different projects you've done.
I was wondering what type of knot you use to end you're projects after you've added the bead.

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