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Friday, January 16, 2009

Single-digit cold in Michigan

It's been single-digit cold for the last few days here in Michigan. And that means I had to get out and shovel some snow so I put on my carhartt coveralls. Here's me ready to go outside.

I've got a watchcap (with a face hole) that goes down to my neck, a face mask on top of that, then a bandana and topped off with a winter-lined watch cap. I've collected all different kinds of cold and rainy weather gear for riding the bike through all four seasons here. (And there's my photo-light set up behind me.)

I made some zipper pulls for my coveralls - a two-color monkey fist and then one with a diamond knot and some snake knots.

And since the legs zip down, I made some monkey fists that had a short loop (so they wouldn't drag) and attached permanent to the zippers.

See ya.

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